Child Safety Ebook

Child safety is the most essential knowledge any parent should have to protect their children from any and all threats. That is why we have provided you with this e-book that includes safety tips for parents as well as guidelines for how to educate children to keep themselves safe when parents may not be around. This book contains detailed information about sexual assaults, abductions, online safety, cyberbullying, and home safety – most of which are neglected educational aspects of a child’s learning experience in life.

Though many books don’t touch upon the topic of sexual abuse due to its sensitive nature, Kids Live Safe strives to educate parents and grandparents about the serious dangers that sexual predators pose to our children. It is our hope that you will never have to personally deal with the dangers discussed in this book, but if you do, it is best to be prepared and knowledgeable about ways to prevent the situation from occurring or continuing.

This e-book serves as an example of what Kids Live Safe strives to achieve in the realm of child safety. One of the main goals of this book is to help alleviate the problem of children and adults living in a state of denial or overconfidence. There are many dangers out there in everyday life; we hope that this guide will help you take the proper steps to protect your family.