We hope that we have given parents a glimpse into the vast world of child safety. While we understand that every child and family is different, we aimed to provide parents and families with useful information and safety tips to protect themselves and their children. We hope that this format made it easy for parents to read and understand, as well as to discuss topics with their children. Ensuring children’s safety and encouraging open dialogue amongst parents and children are the most important things a parent can do for their child. We anticipate that with the information given in this book, parents are now more educated and knowledgeable about the dangers that surround them and their children at all times, and how to deal with them.

The information provided in this book served to cover a number of different age groups and demographics, with a very broad spectrum of topics. We anticipated that parents would come to seek information about their children with the hopes of establishing a comprehensive approach to their well-being. Many parents are first-time parents, or extremely busy, so with this book we hoped to teach and help the many who are just starting out and need some tips. In addition, many parents grew up in different times when there may not have been such an influx of connectedness, information, and the ability to meet strangers online. This book aimed to discuss these issues and how to deal with them with adolescents and teenagers alike.

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The safety tips mentioned in this book serve as guidelines for how parents can protect their children. With proper information, parents can gain knowledge into their child’s life and know their interests, making it that much easier to communicate with them and establish open dialogue, which can help protect them from a lot of stress and danger.

We hope that parents/guardians/teachers, and anyone interested, enjoyed and truly learned from this book. In addition, we are hopeful that parents will implement the information and tips provided in this book in a meaningful and cohesive way with their children. Using these tips can help you and your child learn about safety, as well as how to protect oneself when faced with a dangerous situation or difficult dilemma. Being overly prepared will never be an issue; instead, being aware of potential dangers can help prevent kidnappings, sexual assaults, and even identity theft. So remember, being proactive and open with your child can not only protect them, but also inadvertently create meaningful bonds that will last a lifetime.

We hope that www.Kids Live has provided you with beneficial safety tips and information to help protect your children from harm. We also hope that you will continue to follow, as we are always adding additional tips and safety information. Kids Live Safe provides detailed information about sexual predators, emergency response profiles for children, various resources for safety tips, as well as comprehensive profiles of sex offenders. Thank you for taking the time to read this book and keep your kids safe!


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