State Privacy Rights (CA, CO, CT, NV, UT, VA) - Information Deletion Request

Privacy rights in the states of CA, CO, CT, NV, UT, and VA allow consumers to request that companies delete their consumer information that is collected in the course of providing services.

Identity verification is required to delete a consumer's data. Once an identity is verified, we will respond to your request within 30 days.

If the identity verification process is successful, then we will delete your information from our records IF PRESENT per our Terms of Use.

If the identity verification process is unsuccessful, then you will receive a message indicating that we were unable to match the submitted name and email address to a record in our system.

Please note: Records containing your information may still appear in background searches as this information is sourced from public records. If you wish to not appear in Background Searches you should complete the process to Remove My Public Record from Appearing in Background Searches.

Complete the form below to begin the identity verification process. All fields are required to verify identity.

We recommend you first verify your information before requesting deletion as the deletion process is irreversible.

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