General Questions

What is Kids Live Safe?

Kids Live Safe is an innovative organization focused on delivering technology based solutions to American families. Since 2009 Kids Live Safe has provided top-rated, web-based family protection tools to safeguard our most vulnerable citizens – our children. Kids Live Safe empowers parents by taking control of the safety of their children.

Why Kids Live Safe?

Because our children are our most precious and vulnerable citizens, and it is our duty as parents and guardians to do everything we can to keep them safe. There simply is no greater responsibility than to ensure the safety of our children.

What does Kids Live Safe Offer?

Kids Live Safe provides access to detailed profiles of registered sex offenders and sexual predators and provides technology based services to keep your children and loved ones safe from harm. Knowing who these sexual predators are, where they live, and what offenses they have committed provides you with the necessary awareness to protect your family.

What is Kids Live Safe’s Mission?

Our mission at Kids Live Safe is simple – To do everything we can to keep our children and loved ones safe from sexual predators.

What is your business address?

Our business address is 3905 State Street, Suite 7-228, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.

I live in an upscale neighborhood. Why do I need this service?

There are over 750,000 sex offenders in the U.S. Sexual predators have no physical borders, and are not confined to any given socio-economic group. Even an affluent neighborhood such as Beverly Hills 90210 has over 500 registered sex offenders within 5 miles. All families, regardless of neighborhood, should start with a preliminary sex offender search.

Administrative Questions

How do I know my personal information is secure?

We use advanced technology to protect your private information during any transaction on our website. Our website uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that encrypts (scrambles) your information the transmission of personally identifiable information, including your credit card information. Encrypting your private information prevents it from being read while it is transferred through cyberspace.

What is the $1.00 trial fee for?

This trial fee is to cover the cost of processing your trial subscription.

Where do I go if I need help?

If you need support at any time, please contact member support toll free at 1-800-301-5905 or visit the Contact Us page to immediately send our customer service representatives an e-mail.

How much does the Kids Live Safe service cost?

Most members register for the trial period so they can try before they buy. After the trial period we will charge your account on a monthly basis. Our monthly membership fee is less than $30.00 per month. If you cancel before your trial period expires, no monthly charges will occur. What is the value you put on the safety and well-being of your children and family?

Will I get charged if I don’t use the service?

Yes, you will. Your membership fees cover the costs of providing the Kids Live Safe services to you, whether you use the service or not. We strongly advise you to take advantage of the services that we have created to keep your kids and loved ones safe from harm. Please note, we can only provide the tools, however, it is up to you to utilize them to ensure the safety of your family.

I can’t remember my Password.

Please click here to reset your password. You may also connect with us via the Contact Us page or email us at [email protected].

I signed up as a Kids Live Safe member, what do I do now?

Please monitor your email account that you used during your sign-up to obtain your Kids Live Safe Registration Confirmation Email. The email will contain your login credentials and Customer ID. Use your User Name and Password to log in to the Kids Live Safe website. We suggest that you immediately set up your Monitoring Areas and Emergency Response Profiles.

What do I do if I did not receive my Registration Confirmation Email?

Occasionally, a mistyped email or other technical issues may delay or hinder receipt of your Registration Confirmation Email. Start by checking your spam filter. If the email is not there then please contact our member support team as soon as possible at 1-800-301-5905 to confirm that your email address is correct.